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Project Description
The purpose of this project is to add new or provide better versions of existing WPF controls.

  • Scrollable Panel
Custom panel which scrolls its content when there is not enough space to show everything:

  • Resizable Panel
Custom panel which nicely resizes its children when there is not enough space to show everything.
This is how items in the sample app look like when there is enough space to show them all:
When you reduce the width of the window, panel resizes items, starting with the longest ones:
In the end all items have the size:

  • MenuButton
Use a menu button when you need a menu for a small set of related commands.


  • SplitButton
Use a split button to consolidate a set of variations of a command, especially when one of the commands is used most of the time.


  • ImageButton
Image button is similar to a standard command button, except its button frame is shown only on mouse hover.


  • Tab control
Tab control which supports scrolling of its tab items.


For more details please check Tab Control documentation page.

  • ContentAdorner
This is an implementation of Adorner which can host any UIElement.

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